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Experience award-winning web design that captivates and converts. Elevate your online presence today!

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Web Design Toronto Website
Experience award-winning web design that captivates and converts. Elevate your online presence today!
























Who we are

Welcome to Oray, where creative innovation meets digital excellence. As a leading web design and development company, we fuse imagination with expertise to craft captivating online experiences. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, our dynamic team specializes in translating visions into seamless websites. Whether you’re a startup, an established brand, or an individual seeking a distinctive online presence, we are your partners in transforming ideas into visually stunning and functionally exceptional realities. Join us on this journey of digital transformation, where imagination knows no limits and every pixel tells a story.

What we do

At Oray Design, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for all your digital needs. From captivating web design and seamless web development to impactful logo design and strategic brand building, we help businesses establish a strong online presence that leaves a lasting impression and drives growth. 

Our Process

Through this collaborative journey, we transform your vision into a reality, creating a digital masterpiece that stands out in the online landscape.

Step 1


During the discovery phase, we immerse ourselves in understanding your goals, target audience, and brand essence. By listening attentively and asking the right questions, we uncover insights that lay the foundation for a successful project partnership.

We initiate open discussions to align our vision with yours, ensuring that your project's objectives are at the forefront of our design and development strategy.

Through thorough analysis and brainstorming, we clarify your project's scope and objectives, enabling us to proceed to the next phase with a comprehensive understanding.

Step 2


In the research phase, we delve into market trends, user behavior, and competitor analysis. This data-driven approach allows us to identify the optimal design styles, functionalities, and strategies for achieving your project's goals.

We use these insights to curate a tailored plan that not only elevates your website's design aesthetics but also integrates solutions that enhance user engagement and drive conversions.

Our research empowers us to create a roadmap that guides our design and development decisions, ensuring a website that aligns seamlessly with your brand and captivates your audience.

Step 3


Armed with deep insights, we move into the design phase. Our skilled designers translate concepts into visual masterpieces, crafting layouts and aesthetics that encapsulate your brand's identity.

We prioritize user-centric design, ensuring that your website not only looks captivating but also offers an intuitive navigation experience across all devices.

Through collaborative iterations, we refine the design based on your feedback, making certain that the final result is a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality that resonates with your audience.

Step 4


With a finalized design, we embark on the development journey. Our experienced developers bring the visuals to life, integrating cutting-edge technologies and coding practices to create a robust and high-performing website.

We optimize the website's speed, responsiveness, and interactivity, ensuring that every component functions flawlessly. Our meticulous development process guarantees a website that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Throughout development, we maintain open communication, keeping you updated on progress and addressing any queries to ensure a seamless partnership.

Step 5


As we approach the launch phase, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the website's functionality and responsiveness across various devices and browsers.

We fine-tune every detail, from search engine optimization to security measures, to ensure your website is fully prepared for its online debut.

Upon your approval, we facilitate a seamless launch, delivering a fully optimized website that embodies your brand and provides a superior user experience.

Industries we serve


At Oray Design we take pride in our ability to serve a diverse range of industries. With our expertise in web design, web development, logo design, and brand building, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of each industry. From architecture to beauty, from consulting to travel, our dedicated team delivers exceptional websites and branding strategies that empower businesses to thrive in their respective markets. We understand the intricacies of different industries, allowing us to provide customized solutions that drive growth and success for our clients

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How long does it take to complete the website?

The timeline for a website project varies based on complexity and client requirements. On average, it takes around 2-5 weeks to complete a standard web project. However, more intricate projects may take longer. We provide a detailed timeline during the discovery phase.

Can you update and maintain my website after it's launched?

Yes, we offer website maintenance and update services. We ensure your website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance. Our maintenance packages include content updates, security checks, backups, and ongoing technical support.

Will my website be mobile-friendly and responsive?

Absolutely. We prioritize mobile responsiveness and ensure your website looks and functions seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This helps provide an optimal user experience and accommodates the growing number of mobile users.

Do you offer search engine optimization (SEO) services?

Yes, we provide SEO services to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. We implement on-page optimization techniques, keyword research, content optimization, and other SEO best practices to enhance your website’s ranking and organic traffic.

Can you help me with branding and logo design?

Certainly. We offer comprehensive branding services, including logo design, brand identity development, and brand strategy. Our team works closely with you to create a unique and impactful brand that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience.

Can you integrate third-party systems into my website?

Yes, we have expertise in integrating various third-party systems and tools such as payment gateways, CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and more. We ensure seamless integration and functionality, enhancing your website’s capabilities.

Will I have access to update and edit my website's content?

Absolutely. We provide user-friendly content management systems (CMS) that allow you to easily update and edit your website’s content without any coding knowledge. We provide training and ongoing support to help you make changes as needed.

What measures do you take to ensure website security?

We prioritize website security and implement industry-standard security measures. This includes using secure coding practices, SSL certificates for data encryption, regular updates and patches, and robust firewall protection to safeguard your website from potential threats.

Can you help with website hosting and domain registration?

Absolutely! We do all the work and automation for you, so you do not have to worry about any hosting or domain aspect of your website. We also provide a comprehensive “How-to” guide for hosting/server control.

Do you provide analytics and reporting for my website?

Yes, we integrate analytics tools like Google Analytics to provide you with insightful data on your website’s performance. You can track visitor behavior, traffic sources, conversions, and more. We also offer regular reporting and analysis to help you understand your website’s impact.

What if I need additional features or functionalities in the future?

We design and develop scalable websites, allowing for easy expansion and addition of new features. If you need additional functionalities in the future, we can discuss and implement them through our ongoing support and maintenance services.

How do you ensure website compatibility with different browsers?

We perform extensive testing on multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to ensure compatibility and consistent performance across platforms. We apply cross-browser optimization techniques, ensuring your website functions smoothly for all users.

What are the payment terms for your services?

Our payment terms typically involve an initial deposit to initiate the project, followed by milestone-based payments as we progress. We provide a detailed payment schedule in our project proposal, tailored to your specific project requirements.

Can you help with content creation and copywriting?

Yes, we offer content creation and copywriting services. Our team of skilled writers can create compelling and engaging content that aligns with your brand voice and effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

Do you offer website redesign services for existing websites?

Absolutely. We specialize in website redesign projects. Whether you need a complete revamp or specific updates, we can enhance the design, functionality, and user experience of your existing website to align with your current goals.

What is the pricing for your web design and development services?

Our web design packages offer a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Starting at $2499, our packages include custom design, responsive functionality, CMS integration, basic SEO optimization, and more. The final cost may vary depending on the complexity of the project and any additional features or customization you require. We provide transparent pricing and detailed proposals to ensure you have a clear understanding of the investment involved in creating your exceptional website.

Ukraine flag

We support Ukraine

Our Commitment

At Oray Design, we believe in using our platform to make a positive impact in the world. In light of the ongoing crisis, we are dedicating 10% of all our profits to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. We’re honored to contribute to relief efforts and support the resilient people of Ukraine during these challenging times.

We also recognize the immense talent within the Ukrainian professional community. As a part of our commitment, we’re offering career opportunities to Ukrainian professionals who are refugees at this moment. Together, we can build a brighter future.

Making a Difference: We believe that every action counts, no matter how big or small. Join us in supporting Ukraine and making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the conflict.

Thank you!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members for making this initiative possible.